Golf and Vitamins


Golf and Vitamins

A one-a-day Multi-Vitamin is a good place to start, but…it’s only one piece to the puzzle.

Research has proven what the best supplements are to help increase strength, prolong endurance, improve mental focus and reduce inflammation in joints and supporting tissue.

For the past decade, nutritionists have warned of free radicals in our drinking water, air and food. Thus the need for nutritional supplements to fuel and cleanse our bodies is now greater than ever. Food alone cannot deliver sufficient nutrition needed to live a healthy and active lifestyle. As far as the body goes, nutrients such as protein and minerals are the essential building blocks for strong tissue, injury repair, flexibility and strength. Stamina and the ability to focus depend on well balanced levels of blood sugar and fluids. When your blood sugar and electrolytes drop, so does your ability to concentrate. No matter how good your technique, you will begin to make errant shots costly to your final score.


To improve your health and ability to perform here are some suggested supplements available over the counter that will aid your quest to consistently perform at a high performance level on the golf course and off:


Tyrosine is an amino acid that can be used to effectively maintain the neurotransmitters in the brain for heavy resistance activity. Protein supplements can range from a variety of sources that we will address separately. Whey protein is an easily digestible protein. It has a higher insulin level and best to take after the round to replenish reserves used during the round. Casein and egg protein are good during the round to maintain a good balance of insulin. Those lactate intolerant need to go for the egg protein as it is also the easiest to digest and the most bio-available for our body.


Complex carbohydrates are the forms of endurance nutrition. Foods that have a low glycemic index are the best to stay away from the insulin spikes and drops that will greatly effect you on the course with jitters to low energy.

Mental Focus:

Previously mentioned supplements will also help with your focus during the round because your brain works with glucose and the insulin levels that we are trying to maintain will determine how much glucose is supplied to the brain. Ginko-biloba has been shown in studies to increase the ability to maintain focus. As a long term supplement for improved focus Fish oils will improve mental clarity and overall Neuro-function.


Fish oil and proceolytic enzyme will consume the debris leftover from trauma to tissue and will improve the rate of recovery. As a topical supplement you can use Arnica Gel for bruises and soreness after a round of golf or a heavy workout. The newest “super food” from the Amazon jungle is the Acai Berry found in products such as Monavie. It is a potent anti-oxidant.

Supplements alone cannot provide the complex requirements of the human body. However, optimum nutrition can be achieved by combining a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy products with supplements taken according to their recommended dosages.

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