Getting Rid Of Over Top


Getting Rid Of Over Top

Today’s lesson is going to be just a quick one.

I know many people, especially beginners, who struggle to stop their over-top hits on the ball.

An over top is a hit to the top of the ball. It creates unnecessary force that may roll the ball prematurely.

If your number of swings during practice hadn’t helped resolve the issue, you might need this little exercise I made that could help you define your impact point further.

Here are what I need you to do.

Tee a ball up. Right next to it, place a tee between the impact point of your golf ball and your club.

Your goal is to develop a swing that would hit the tee into the golf ball. This would help you develop your inside path.

Your aim is to hit the tee along with the ball and make the ball effectively float upwards.

Placing a tee inside the swing path allows you to develop better swing impact. It easily rids you of that over-top that you get from your earlier swings.

Of course this would mean spending much more time in the range to develop your swings more efficiently. But with practice, you will definitely get the swing you need in no time!

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