How to Keep a Great Front 9 Going on the Back 9


How to Keep a Great Front 9 Going on the Back 9

Golf teaches players the art of patience. It may look easy to swing and deliver good loft to a ball. But in reality, it took a few quick decisions with power and strength and the angle the ball travels. The best game ever is when you win your front 9 with a strategy you already had in mind. When you play with what you want and not with what you need, it’s more fulfilling.

Never Think About The Consequences

Limitations cause trouble and frustration especially among players with continuing progress in their game skill development. The thought of losing further sends their mental game down the drain. PGA professionals also fall victim to the “depressing game” trap wherein the first three of the front 9 have their hopes of winning sunk by the beginning of the game.

Never think of the consequences. If you think you’re losing, take the game you’re playing, even though you’re losing, as an opportunity to see the failing areas of your technique.

Focus on Fun, Not Competition

If you want to improve your skill, be competitive in games. If you need to tone back the frustration back down, then always focus on the fun side of playing golf. You got into golf because it was fun, right? It was the one game that stood out among everything sports. If you forget the game is fun in the name of speed, progress and fame, then you’re going to lose your mental game quickly.

When Frustrated, Stop, and Breathe

When you’re feeling the frustration as you’re not getting the mind game you want or even the game you need right now, calm down, breathe deeply. Relax your muscles with this exercise.

There’s no penalty for having your competition wait for you as you breathe. You want to take a nice, good shot. Also, deep breathing helps your muscles pump more blood into your muscles.

Be Persistent and Never Give Up

If you want to play as how you want and not with what you just need, you won’t need talent, intelligence or even genius. All you need is persistence to achieve such things. Persistence is the one thing  everyone needs to improve at something or do something right. When frustrated, take a break, but never give up on the game.


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