Finishing 9 Holes


Finishing 9 Holes

So, you’ve just finished your first 9 holes and you’ve accomplished so much. No bogeys here and you’ve got about four birdies in a row!

Yes, it’s a good round that took lots of precision and effort on your part. The smell of the clubhouse’s fanciful hamburgers and hotdogs allure your aching gut. You just want to eat anything.

Allow me to tell you to think for five minutes before you order anything from the clubhouse.

If you’ve brought some homemade snacks with you, it would be best to consume these. It would be best to consume peanut butter sandwiches, lean meat sandwiches, nuts, seeds, fruits or rice meals before you head for the back nine.

If you have more, carry some nuts or seeds as you go through the back nine holes.

But if you’d really like to order something from the clubhouse, be my guest. Just heed the following.

If you’re going to eat a hamburger, make sure to remove the top. This would lower the carbohydrate content of your burger. You’re here for the lean meat and the energy it can give you during the last half of your game.

You can also eat a hotdog but go for the meat. I know it may be processed food, but the fat and energy content it gives you can be useful if you’re in the middle of an athletic activity such as golf. Just make sure to remove the bun.

However, make sure to avoid getting French fries to cut down on your fat and cholesterol. You don’t want to eat too much because your blood levels would reduce heavily during the back nine, inducing a feeling of sleepiness.

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