How Do You Cope with a Bad Driving Day


How Do You Cope with a Bad Driving Day

Nobody wants a bad drive day. Even I wouldn’t like it much myself. But the point of exploring a bad day is knowing where you’ve gone wrong, or if you’ve been doing so wrong for many things.

A bad drive day can create mental blocks for your optimum game performance. You just need to remember five things when you’re having trouble with your swing or putt, or your string of slices!

Take a Five Minute Break

Five minute breaks are needed when you’re having a bad streak. Do anything you want at this point. Sip some water, eat your banana, think of other things. Always think of things that you believe can cheer you up, just like what’s for dinner or something.

Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply doesn’t only take your mind off the problem at hand, it also helps relax your muscles. Studies have shown time and again that fresh air can massage your mental cavities and pump more blood into your muscle areas, helping them remain active and refreshed.

Your muscle memories may need some refreshing. Breathe in and out, and find your inner space, and your ultimate play!


To help further with your body’s circulation, touch your toe and your waist consecutively. A bit of exercise never hurt anybody. Stretch your arms, breathe in and feel the air. You’re probably ready to get back in your game.

Focus on The Solution, Not The Problem

As mentioned here, focusing on your problem will not help you up your skills. Frustratingly repeating an erroneous swing over and over will not help your swing. Instead, look at your swing and do it slowly. Practice your posture and repeat slowly. Slowly speed up your process until your muscle memories are refreshed.

Don’t Give Up

When you have a bad driving day, always concentrate on what you achieved for the day without meeting your goal. Maybe you landed on the green for the first time with a unique swing today. You probably discovered the experience a PGA professional goes through to become a world-recognized athlete. All of these can help you improve your mental game, which transmits to your physical game directly.

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