Buried Lie

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Buried Lie

It’s been a great round of golf today. You’ve made a promising five-hole streak with two birdies and no bogeys as of yet.

For the second half of the front nine, you’re still doing pretty great against your peers.

During the first hole in the back nine, you find your first roadblock.

Your lucky ball landed itself inside a bunker. Its tip protrudes as the impact buries it beneath the lie as solid as you can imagine.

It’s a dreadful situation to encounter, to be honest. But I have something that can help you get out of this “fried egg” situation immediately.

I have a sand wedge here, a 52-degree club. I intend the club to hit the ground with a closed face. I intend for it to dig inside the bunker and open its face upon impact.

Imagine an ice cream scoop that would lift the ball out into the air. That’s what I’m aiming for.

Here are a few things to note on my setup:

  • Stay very square on the line
  • Close the face towards your toe
  • Grip your club from your position closer to the club. You need all your power here.
  • Take some practice swings
  • Hit the ball with the club’s toe
  • Scoop it out of the sand. Lean a little left for more power.
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