Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots


Step 1:

Place a few tees in the ground several inches apart. Then, setup two tees with golf balls on top of them.

Step 2:

Practice your pitch shots and try to catch the tee on the down stroke. The tee provides a good checkpoint.

Step 3:

Pitch the ball off the tee with the same angle as before. This will give you more solid impact.

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  1. Gary Goetz

    Hi Shawn,
    My problem is not hitting thin shots but on occasion I’ll chunk the shot.Would this tip help with the chunk or is it my ball position?


  2. Rich Lee, Sr.

    regarding your “Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots” video,
    It looked as though the ball was in front of your left shoe….at address where did you place the ball??

  3. Group Captain KK John

    I just love the way you teach golf…See you doing – Observe, inact and peform …Yhx a lot

    John K

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