Hamburger vs Hot Dog


Hamburger Vs. Hot Dog

So, you’ve gone to the clubhouse after finishing the 9th of your 18-hole course. It’s a long day, but something enjoyable completely. But it’s also tiring and you’re famished. You’re a health buff, but the clubhouse food is endearing. So you ask them and you are given two options to feed on: a hamburger and a hotdog.

What do you choose?

Burgers Are Better

All Meat

Burgers are often made from 100% beef. The more expensive, the more the cow meat is grassfed. Grassfed beef provides the best nutrients possible. But even if burgers are processed, they are not completely processed else their original, burger flavor would be gone.

Provides Protein

Beef is an excellent source of protein. Eat as much as you want of a burger and you’re consuming a huge volume of protein. You’re going to need protein in this game if you want to win. You’ll notice you’ll have better strength and stamina later on.

Hotdogs Are Nay

More Processed

Hotdogs are fun as a snack. But not too often a snack. It’s bad to eat hotdogs before you go your next round because it has no nutritional content. No, this isn’t the original “haute” dog introduced by Germans which contained unprocessed pork that provides you energy. This is just pure pork trimmings mixed with chicken meat, fat and starch.

Has More Fat Content

Naturally, with more preservatives than any other processed food, hotdogs have more fat content than any type of food out the market. Yet, they’re the ones more frequently served in events, games, golf club houses and fast food chains.

Artificial preservatives contain fat. Artificial flavoring makes sure you’re coming back for more. It’s an unhealthy engagement to eat hotdogs.  Compared with Hamburgers, your energy levels will run flat with fat and preservatives

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