The Second Drive


The Second Drive

Now, no one’s a perfect golf player.

If you’ve watched the PGA, you’ve probably seen tour players get themselves “on the rocks”, unable to figure out their next move.

You see them become human. They’re frustrated as you are when balls hit out of bounds.

Think of the last time you sunk deep in the water and double-bogeyed the entire hole.

If anyone asks who had enough practice playing out of bounds, most certainly you’d suggest yourself.

But it’s just your mindset. If you keep thinking this way and hit your second drive with the same thought, you compound your negative emotions and blunder your way through the entire thing.

Let’s change that. Tell yourself that the second shot is crucial to your success and must not be given away as a free stroke to your opponent’s scores. Don’t just step there and be angry.

Remember that golf doesn’t have a shot clock timer. You can take your time with a shot.

Commit yourself to your pre-shot rituals or whichever it is you do before you do your swing. Tie your shoelaces, re-set your tee. Think of something else. Distraction is a great cure, even if just for a minute.

Take a break. Breathe deep. Think of something beautiful that happened earlier, earlier this week, this month. A hint of positivity in your mind is enough to burn negativity and help you create that best shot you could have.

The shot that went out of bounds doesn’t count.

With this kind of mindset and not being angry once you head to your tee, you can give out the best performance you can!

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