Putt To Make

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It’s now in the back nine and you’re still under the course’s total par and also against the second placer’s scores. It’s been a rough five hours but you surely felt great about your game. However, you do believe that you can still do better. In fact, you knew that if you hit those three putts from behind, you wouldn’t have come close to a bogey or you would have stretched your lead further than you first believed.

Every golfer has a fear of missing. Putts are very difficult to put forward because it is nerve-wracking. But instructors would tell you: just know your line and speed and you’ve got a sure-fire putting formula.

The problem is, that’s not the only thing that matters to me.

If I’m going to putt to win, I have to know the path of my ball. With a path to success, it would incorporate both line and speed. But, it also inclines my mind to associate itself with success.

Most golfers putt out of the fear they would miss. They would often think that they would get another two feet from the hole. In fact, they should be thinking about the celebration after they shoot the hole.

These golfers, including you, should be planning the celebration after you win the entire competition. When you do miss it, what’s there to lose except to try and see for yourself?

Always stay positive and focus on winning. Not missing, winning. Focus on being able to putt to make.

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