Have you met a Satisfied Millionaire?


Have you met a Satisfied Millionaire?

Maybe you’ve met a successful local businessman. Maybe you’ve met somebody who’s worked hard for at least five years and ended up with an ample empire of business that would last him a lifetime.

I’ve worked with these businessmen and even trained some multinational corporation executives. I’ve seen a common denominator between all of them.

You might see them frolicking in their success with riches that men dream of. But the truth is, they love the process. They’re not satisfied because the process of making their businesses better is what makes them feel better about their business.

When they stay stagnant, that is when they fail.

This is how you can succeed in fixing your golf swing; don’t be satisfied when you can fix it. Instead, focus on how to fix and improve your swing continuously and without rest.

Commit yourself to the process of your swing. Enjoy the process, be rewarded. The swing isn’t just the problem. You solve this problem now, you’ll want to improve it later on.

Compete with yourself. Improve every shot as if it matters. The process matters and not the results. Play and fight in the course with all you’ve got.

It’s not about success or failure, but rather the sense of reward that you could get as you continue along the process!

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