How To Mentally Attack a Target


I know it’s not just me who had experienced this.

When you take your swing, you see your ball landing to a perfect spot, only to see that the best option you have is a huge obstacle course to avoid, let’s say, a water hazard.

Water hazards are pressure points that may make or break you.

This one is a similar situation.

I’m stuck right here and I see a pin over there over a hill. Right now, I’m seeing multiple approaches to make this shot but all of them do not have lots of green to work with.

But if I look carefully, there’s actually lots of green to work with if I think there truly is.

I must attack my target mentally.

How do you do this?

It is important to understand the yards the ball should travel towards your goal. Imagine a target line unfolding in front of you. That’s the path your ball should take.

It is imperative you assert this target line in your mental game as where you want the ball to travel

Imagine that by the end of the line, you can see a bucket where your ball should land.

Now, I want you to commit to your shot. Accept the consequences. don’t think of trying to play it safe, of which technique would help the ball travel to your intended destination or if you’re going to make the shot perfectly.

Just take the shot. Pick a target line, mentally attack your target. Pick a practical line; don’t get crazy, play smart.


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