Mastering Breaking Putts


Mastering Breaking Putts

I know you’ve been there; it’s that moment during the 9th or 10th hole probably where you need to do your most-feared breaking putt.

Don’t feel insecure about it though. Everyone has a breaking putt they dread. Whether it may be a right to left breaking putt, a left to right or even both, you will miss because you will under-commit to your pre-shot routine and you will miss that putt.

Breaking putts is a sure confidence destroyer of any good-going game. But here’s a little exercise from me to you to help you dominate all kinds of breaking putts you may encounter in the near future.

You’re going to need:

  • Some golf balls
  • Four golf tees
  • And a five or six-foot breaking putt of any approach you choose


  • Place one tee as your starting point.
  • Then, place another tee at the hole. This is your end point. Treat the placement of the first and second tee as a clock face. If you’re coming from the right, for example,  you are coming from 5’oclock. The hole should be at 11’oclock.
  • Then place two tees in the middle. These are your “gates”. These gates are a visual target enabling you to visualize your ball path through the break that would create your swing. It allows you to fully commit a shot, enabling you to improve your breaking putt success and gain more confidence throughout your game!
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