Eating The Right Way Before Your Front Nine


Eating The Right Way Before Your Front Nine

Surely, you’ve been watching PGA games. You’re probably wondering how these guys do it.

How do they keep winning against the course?

They concentrate on the front nine. When they get their front nine, they need to perform just the right amount during their back nine.

But still, they would play for hours and yet they do not seem to lack in technique or their understanding of the golf course.

That’s because they have the proper nutrition to feed their mind during their golf game.

Think of your mind as a well-oiled machine. Let’s say it’s just like a Ferrari.

Now a Ferrari needs a special kind of fuel. This fuel can clean its engines, prevent gunk-ups and guarantee maximum efficiency during its run.

When you feed yourself burgers, hotdogs and just some fried stuff, you’re not helping your mind improve its performance.

Your mind’s chemical balance turns unstable. In the end, your technique, strength and your swing form are all affected.

It can definitely affect your game concentration if you’re not too careful.

If you’re coming from the clubhouse, maybe you should lay off the onion rings.

The best snacks before and during your front nine would be eating fruits and anything with protein. Have a beef jerky or pepperoni stick on hand and you should be okay.

Peanut butter sandwiches saving golf games are unheard of. But they probably have with their protein content.

Remember to keep your mind well oiled; it’s your machine and it needs to run well during your competition.

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