80% Round Rule


80% Round Rule

When you play a round on the golf course, you start off with a fresh mental outlook on where you want your game and your ball to be.

But, before you begin your next round of weekend golf, I’d like you to ask yourself this: When you play your game, how much is the likelihood that you could get your shots straight? How much do you think you could do a perfect round of golf where you didn’t miss the hole during the last putt?

Let’s put it at 10%.

Then, think about the probability of how much you’re likely to land your ball in the bunker, in the water or inside the forest. We can also put that at 10%

That leaves you with an 80% chance of changing the outcome of your golf game.

I used to be a baseball player and like in baseball, golf is all about statistics when it comes to improving your game. The other 80% is what defines you as a golfer. You are the majority of the outcome of your golf game. Your ball doesn’t know what it should do for you.

So any golfer should invest in making their golf game the best it can be. It is important that you don’t mind your bogeys when they arrive. They are just 10% of your game. When you get yourself in the hole quickly and perfectly, even for any consecutive number of times, don’t be so confident. The outcome of the game can still change because the perfect shots are only 10% of your entire performance.

So concentrate on where you need to get the ball and what your internal systems should do for you. Concentrate on bringing on the best performance you can muster for your golf game!

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