Journey to the Worlds 2014 – Weight Shift


Weight shift is important in a good drive. This is one of the first things I’d want my students to pick up on before they focus on the rest of their swing.

I devised a simple drill that you could also use as a pre-round warm-up. I call it the “First Tee Two-Step Drill”. Check it out on the video above.

I know it feels weird at first but this drill will get your body used to rotation. It will also help you get the sequencing correct.

So to recap:

1) Start with your feet together.
2) Take a step back as you swing back and tap the other foot beside it.
3) Step forward as you bring your swing down and tap the other foot forward. Hold the finish position without wobbling or getting out of balance.

Check out the Gary Player version of this drill in the video.

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