Where Are You At Impact?


Where Are You At Impact?

This is one question most golfers, beginner, professional or advanced, should ask themselves at least once a month: where am I at impact?

Impact affects your ball’s flight path, loft and overall speed and spin. By enhancing your impact, you help yourself get to par easier by creating precise shots with enough power and speed to get where you need to be.

So here’s a VL or leverage bag with doors 1, 2 and 3.

These three doors determine the kind of impact you often get. But before you use this bag, you should review your own swing. A great way would be to create a video of your swing and analyze the following:

Your hit is going inside, the back of the ball, or you’re going through steep divots and slices.

If you’re hitting too much on the inside, you’re often at door number one. See for yourself if you’re hitting the first door.

If you’re going much on the outside, creating slices or you’re often causing some steep divots, you’re probably going at door number 3.

Now, if you want to improve your impact, make sure you’re hitting the number 2 spot. The second door is where most elite golfers hit their impact at the back of ball itself, sending it at the proper or desired ball flight.

Now, where are you at impact? Use the bag and find out for yourself!

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