Tour Stick Fingers Drill


Tour Stick Fingers Drill

Tour sticks are truly amazing tools. Not only are they convenient for aligning your swing, they can also be used in a myriad of ways to make sure you are practicing correctly.

Now, every golfer wants to achieve a perfect pendulum stroke. This is essential for lob shots, putting and chipping even drives at some point.

The thing is, you want to make sure your arms are going where they need to be. In this video, I can show you how to practice the correct position this little exercise is trying to achieve

To create a perfect pendulum stroke, you will need two tour sticks. One of them should be on the ground.

Take the other stick and put it in between your thumbs. Slowly slide together your hands together as if you’re holding a golf club.

Now, with your eyes angled directly towards the first tour stick, make a swing. The second tour stick in your hands must align with the first tour stick to create a pendulum swing. If you’re making a mistake, that’s okay. Correct accordingly by looking at your first tour stick.

The exercise allows you to see unintentional shoulder turns that can be corrected with proper posture. This will allow your hands and arms to align exactly enough to make an effective pendulum swing.

Good luck, I know you’ll have some success with it!

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