The Pitch Clip


The Pitch Chip

Chipping can be a forte of any golfer. Sometimes, it’s pitching. Anyone good with the two techniques often end up with lower scores after any given weekend.

If you find difficulty with pitching yet you are quite efficient when it comes to chipping then you could use your chipping technique to resolve your pitching issue.

All it takes is proper knowledge of using the right sandwedge.

So right now, I’m about 15 feet from this hole. I have to admit, I’m not a good pitcher. But I found a solution.

I’m using a 56-degree sandwedge. These are made for lob shots and long shots that delivers your ball into different areas quickly. However, I’m going to use my chipping technique using this club instead.

The wedge itself is the most important part. Because it has a higher angle than most chipping clubs, you get a decent flight path. With your effective chipping technique, this means the ball flies low but flies long enough to reach the hole.

Now, I have my chipping motion with my shoulder and I have my pitching wedge on my hand. The pitching club then allows me to get closer into the hole.

As you can see from the results, I had the ball land into the hole just enough to get myself enough to make par.

Keep practicing this technique, I know you’ll have huge success with it!

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