Standing Closer To Your Ball Is Better


Standing Closer To Your Ball Is Better

It’s the last 30 feet towards the hole and you’re proud of yourself; you’ve just made it without any bogeys and you’ve even scored some birdies. Good job, you!

But it’s always on the last 30 feet you could make or break your streak. Sometimes, you might chip a bit high. Sometimes, you might chip it a bit low. With a little pulsating feeling and adrenaline taking over to take your win, a little technique could also help.

Stand close to your golf ball when you swing.

You see in this video that the closer I stand towards the golf ball, I can keep my ball’s loft off the clubface. This allows me to have the ball travel relatively low as it heads towards impact.

The closer I stand next to it, my hands are permanently forward, which allows my ball to travel with power, but at a lower, faster angle.

Set up to it that your eyes are on top of the ball. This would allow you a shot where you could hold the angle. Again, this reduces the ball’s flight path and chip it on the lines you want it.

If you set up to it normally, the club works around your body so much, it could introduce loft and thereby give you a not-so-useful shot and an additional point.

Good luck and keep practicing!

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