Secret to Bump Run


Secret To Bump Run

So, you’ve got an uphill shot but the ball has to run further into the grain next to the hole. Remaining under par just needs a few more techniques so that you’ll end up with a desirable under-par score.

You’ve tried countless irons to get that bump run just right to get you on top of that uphill slope. You’ve tried countless swing positions.

But I’ve got the solution just for you.

In this video, I’ll show you a normal square shot. I know what you’re thinking; you’ve been doing this countless times with a faced-up iron. You get enough bumps but you don’t get enough runs up to the hole.

But, if you see here, I’ll bring down the toe of the club further. This gives the ball a better top spin. Instead of giving it a sideways spin, here, you’ll get a spin that faces forward, giving you that extra run momentum from your early bump.

In my first shot in this video, without the extra toe-down, my ball just bumped and rolled just enough. But after I executed the extra toe-down, the top spin gave my ball the run it needed to succeed.

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