Plane Your Takeaway


Plane Your Takeaway

There’s no magic involved in making your takeaway follow the plane. If you follow a single plane without twisting your wrists, you can make your takeaway achieve better results for you. It can really be difficult to have your swing follow a single plane.

In this exercise, I’m using a shaft that my club would follow. Be sure to check on your shoulder. Make sure your elbows are straight and your wrists have the club face towards your ball. Follow the shaft when you’re about to go in your take away. Maintain the position of your shoulder and arms when making the swing.

The importance of this exercise helps you achieve a perfect takeaway whose plane can serve as the springboard to your swing path. Concentrate on making your swing be smooth rather than pulling your golf club too quickly away from you.

Fixing your takeaway fixes your slices. With square shoulders and straight, firm arms, your wrists can function to maintain the club face forward and create the right path for your ball to travel in.

Give it a go and good luck!

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