How Important Are Your Feet When Chipping?


How Important Are Your Feet When Chipping?

You need that low-flying shots to get you over that bunker just enough to land on that green. For five or so games, you haven’t successfully flown over the little obstacles. It has frustrated you for quite some time, I suppose.

It’s possible you get the angles correct 10 percent of the time. Of course, we both know that isn’t enough.

Here’s how we did chip shots. You’ll have to place your weight to the left. This is a basic idea of our chipping. But often, you don’t get that forward shaft lean that gives you a nice swing without a slice and going through a straight line.

But if you’d really want that forward shaft lean, what you can do is to roll your right knee from the outside to the inside.

You can see what happens to my knees. It shifts my body to the left and it pushes my hands forward. This gives me the forward shaft lean I need that is completely helpful for my chip shots. So shift your feet and lean over to give you the right weight distribution for your chip shots!

With practice, I know you’ll get it! Good luck!

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