Hitting High Cut


Hitting High Cut

It’s an impossible shot, friends would say.

You’re about 500 yards away from the hole and you’re surrounded with bunker bowls that would mean additional scores to your golf game.

You’ve got the gear and you’ve got the spirit. But do you have the technique?

Luckily, I know how you could get past the left and right bunkers.

In this video, I’m in the same situation. Looking at it from this distance, I want to hit the ball with enough height to travel closer to the hole just enough for it to sit beyond the left bunker.

So I’ll set up to it in this manner:

The traditional setup is having your ball in the middle — just below your belt buckle — and then you take a swing. But I want to bring height into it. So, I’ll give it one ball position up so it’s going to get a little higher on the upstroke.

But to avoid getting too high, I’m going down an iron for this shot. Typically, I hit shots with a 7-iron. This one is a 6-iron.

To ensure that your ball would go left to right as one would expect, align your feet, hips, knees and shoulders towards the left bunker. The clubface should point a bit to the left of the flag.

Now, take your normal swing and practice it repeatedly. Swing towards the bunker as you go on the upstroke. The ball should fade a bit left of the flag and you should see your divot on the ground align with your shoulders and hips during setup.

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