Find Your Ball Position


Find Your Ball Position

An amazing pitch shot will get you where you need to go with less strokes. Any position on the golf course can be precarious without proper technique. But before you do a pitch, chip or even a putt, know where your golf club bottoms out.

This helps you find where your ball position needs to be.

Using the pitching or sand wedge, do a few practice strokes. No need to be mindful of technique; technique training is over. These practice strokes allow you to see where your golf club bottoms out.

So after at least three strokes, I’ve found my own golf club makes contact with the ground about three to four times. I’ve also seen that my stroke is a little forward and I have a divot in the ground now that shows that indeed, the club is quite forward.

Where the club hits the ground, that’s the point of impact the ball needs to meet the club. That is where your ball position must be.

A great way to measure your ball position is through the use of our ball position trainer. In-game, your belt buckle is a helpful measuring tool.

Again, see where the club is bottoming out during your practice strokes, get the ball to the point of impact to maximize the club’s efficiency in giving you the proper pitch, chip or putt you need to succeed and make par.

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