Feel and Perfect Your Pitch Shots


Feel and Perfect Your Pitch Shots

Never underestimate the power of visual. Your eye is a measuring tool. You can see physical matter from long distances so that your body could manage the proper interaction with such approaching matter or one that is moving away.

With a visual your body has learned muscle memories that enable you to avoid a 5-second approach of a collision with another person while walking down the street. That’s the power of the mind-body tightness of visual.

Applying that idea in golf, a good visual with the right supplementary measuring tools should give you the best shot possible.

So right now, I need to go over this bunker and a shot that is high and soft is needed to get to the hole. So I’ll have to “feel” the shot to create a perfect one.

During practice, I want you to toss a ball towards the hole. Think about the height the ball must need to land softly across the bunker yet nearer the hole. Then toss a ball, about two, towards the hole. See how it lands and interacts with the hole. Did it land softly and smoothly?

Pick one that you need and swing towards it. With the visual you have, your body’s muscle memories engage and give you the swing you need provided that you had practiced the technique enough to execute it.

Just like that, I have made a swing measurement to which my swing executed perfectly.

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