Downhill Bunker Shot


Downhill Bunker Shot

Whenever golfers get inside the bunker, it can mess things up. You could make par or you could go for broke depending on your technique.

While we’re not encouraging that you overthink every shot you might have, the key to an escape from the bunker is an understanding of the bunker’s properties.

One main rule is that in the bunker, it is imperative not to panic and to calm one’s self down. Then, it’s down to the business of focusing on things right in front of you.

Set up your knees and shoulders aligned to the lay of the land. As we’re studying the technique of downhill bunker shots, it would be wise to understand the nature of your club as you swing it down. The club comes down faster, which is why it would be wise to move the ball position a bit forward.

With the club bottoming out at the front, the ball’s added forwardness helps give you a more accurate shot with just the right spin.

So lower your hands down, hinge your club up and slide it underneath. Hold your finish. This helps you scoop the ball out of the bunker and into the fairways giving you a better chance at making par.

With consistent practice, I know you could perfect this. Good luck!

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