Double Gate Training


It’s once again the battle of the putts and over the previous weekend you had a great game except for the fact the putts had destroyed your chances of making par. Maybe you need the double gate training to get through this one.

This happened not just once, but multiple times. The putts ended up costing you the game.

You did find difficulty in making the putts because it’s a make-or-break type of thing that I understand. But to help with your shot commitment is a training I call the Double Gate.

Why double gate?

Step at least 12 feet away from the putting hole. In your putting position, place two tees about 5 inches apart from each other.

After 6 feet, place two more tees 5 inches apart. The two tee “gates” create a line for your putt to follow, create breaks or basically do anything to help you create par.

So in this example, I plan to create a break of 12 feet to allow my ball to reach the hole quicker.

The gates in front serve as my visual target for my ball to follow. If this succeeds, I may as well get the putt or at least get near the hole.

Just like that, I am able to reduce my scores giving me a chance to make great par. Train well and I’ll know you’ll succeed with it. Good luck!

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