911 Hook


The Emergency 911 Hook

You’re at your last run in your 18-hole course and it’s been a rough day. You didn’t make any bogeys so far and you just have to keep getting par to win it.

Unfortunately, it comes to a final hole with a tree right in front of you. You missed a proper positioning opportunity during that last swing. You only have two shots left and you have to make it count.

You are in need of an emergency 911 hook because all you have right now is to bend your ball from right to left.

The 911 hook I would explain to you is quite simple as long as you grasp its fundamentals.

First, I need you to set up to it with the edge of your club right in the middle of your eyes.

Then, you have to close the clubface. This eliminates the need to rotate the club upon impact.

Now, I want you to face the  target before you take your swing. Engage your visual and see where you need your ball to be.

Just a few more reminders before you take your swing – your swing can come in low so make sure the terrain follows your trail where you need it to be.

With a bit of practice I know you’ll have great success with it. Good luck!

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