Hitting Low Left To Right


Hitting Low Left To Right

It’s potholes day and I’m talking about bunkers.

You’ve gone on a streak in the first few holes but the last few ones are quite the most challenging. Sure, it’s not the Church pew challenge in some famous PGA Tour course but it is enough to add further to your golf score.

You’ve got a flag up front about 500 yards. You have a bunker a few yards away and a bit to the left of your intended line.

Two other bunkers are on the left and right beyond the hole’s distance respective to yours.

All you need here is to hit low left to right.

This is how you do it.

From your setup that begins from the normal position in the middle with your club right under your belt buckle, have a step back from your position, about an arm’s length away from the ball.

Keep the shaft lean by sliding your hands down the grip. As you take your swing, hold through impact. Make sure that your clubface does not go past your hands.

From your intended line, as you want to miss both bunkers before and after the hole on the right, you need to lean a bit left and face the bunker as you take your shot.

This guarantees that your shot will have enough loft to send it upward but not enough spin to get off target, allowing you a better chance of making par.

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