Saturday Morning and No Breakfast


Saturday Morning And No Breakfast

Any golfer would probably attest to this story. One morning, you’re too excited for the weekend’s round of golf with your friends. Nobody can blame you; it’s a nice day to play. But your weekend of unwinding might turn to a disaster with some possible blackout streaks and bad score times if you forget to eat breakfast.

Breakfast is the most essential part of any athlete’s morning.  You might choose to eat a hearty breakfast with enough protein and fiber to give you energy through the front 9 on a normal day. But today, it’s 10 minutes until tee time and you have nothing to eat.

Your insulin levels are a bit high in the morning. This would mean your mind is a bit weak on the uptake during the day’s early hours. Lower cortisol levels mean waking up at any time isn’t going to do you any good.

So here’s what you could do:

Take a cup of joe. Make sure that you’re not adding any creamers or sugar. If you would, just add a steady amount. This is sugar and it can absolutely imbalance your insulin and cortisol levels. But don’t depend on that to wake you up. The fire needs coal to burn.

Take a fruit with you as you drink coffee. One banana, apple or even orange can help. You may also eat whole-grain breads. A whole-grain bagel will do wonders for your energy and fiber levels while you’re on the first nine.

Other snacks, such as mixed nuts, oatmeal bars or one-pack nutrition bars extremely helps if you can bring some of them while on the course.

Remember, it’s not unhealthy not to eat breakfast while on the golf course. However, it can affect your scores and overall performance for the day if you’re not careful.

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