Choose water over Sports Drinks for proper Hydration


The Choice is CLEAR when choosing a sports drink.


Although eating gets much of the focus in the area of nutrition, what you drink is just as important.

In which case, many golfers choose to chug sports drinks, guzzle sodas or sip on Arnold Palmers throughout their round.

Many of these processed beverages are loaded with refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and other hazardous ingredients that can only be identified with a chemistry book. And that’s simply not good for you.

Hydrating properly not only has a positive impact on your game. It can aid weight loss, increase energy, improve digestion and support overall health.

This is something that might take a little time to fully incorporate into your lifestyle, but it’s going to make a huge difference.

The chief ingredients in sports drinks—electrolytes (sodium, potassium, etc.)—are important for proper muscle function. But people usually get more than enough sodium (salt) from their normal diet. And the added chemicals and sugars (natural and artificial) may make you cringe. Drink water and eat a banana and you’ll get the same benefits without filling your body with sugar, chemicals and unneeded calories.

When it comes to hydration, nothing beats water. When it comes to proper organ function, nothing beats water. When it comes to curbing appetite, mental acuity, muscle function, nothing beats water. How much water? Your goal should be to take your body weight, divide by two, and drink that many fluid ounces of water a day. And we’re talking about water. Not coffee. Not iced tea. Water.

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