Meet The Golf Numbers Guy!

His name is Denny Kovacs and he was a former air traffic controller. Now, he’s a shop assistant at Indian Springs Golf Club in Indio, California. If you want his number, the question is, which one?

Kovacs began to play golf when he was 24. Now at 68, he’s loving every bit of his game.

Sure, we’ve never seen him become a professional golfer or he has not even competed in any event, but we all know the love for golf surpasses being somewhat professional for a more casual approach.

The fun part about Kovacs is he always kept score of his previous games just so he can defeat his previous score during his second round. He said because he was an amateur body builder once in his life. This taught him to keep tabs on his progress. Now, it’s spread to his bowling stint in 1968, and then when he began to play golf at Ridgewood Golf Course in Parma, Ohio.

Read his full story right here!

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