Learn The Triple Threat for Alignment Issues


Learn The Triple Threat for Alignment Issues

Far too often the average golfer will struggle to ensure their golf swing alignment is correct and actually find themselves with an open body. They will have slouched their body and found themselves turned towards the target. These tips and drills will ensure you don’t misalign and give yourself the best chance of getting a shot on target.

The truth of the matter is that golfers naturally open their body and it happens unconsciously when they set up their alignment to the target. If you imagine gripping the club, where the right hand is lower down than our left one, you will notice that your right shoulder tilts down slightly and a touch forward. Likewise with your right hip, this will be forward a fraction. Admittedly these movements are slight but you are in fact opening your body to the golf ball.

To appreciate a golfer’s open body more clearly you can drop your right hand further down the golf club. By having the right hand a foot below your left hand by about a foot you can exaggerate what happens to the body and the way in which it naturally opens. Just by doing this you can see how easy it is to incorrectly align your body squarely to the direction line.

As a result of opening our body it causes the following three conditions to happen:

* Your aim is to the left

* You set up in a position to hit from outside to inside before you have started the backswing

* Your shoulder turn and backswing are restricted

Golf Alignment Drill

The next time you address the golf ball ask a friend to hold a club against the front of your shoulders. They will then be able to see exactly where you are aiming. The vast number of golfers will point to the left of the target. This simple drill will pinpoint the degree to which you are incorrectly aiming at the target.

Fortunately golfers can improve this position and aim at the target by making a conscious effort to alter their alignment. In doing so this has to become a habit and to begin with they will have the feeling that they are looking at the target over their left shoulder.

Golf Alignment Checkpoints

In correcting your alignment you need to consider these check points:

The hips need to positioned so that they are parallel to the direction line. As the player looks down at his grip the club shaft should be to the left of the fly of his trousers by two inches

If the hips aren’t repositioned and remain open, the club and the fly will be in the same line – or in worst cases the fly a little more to the left.

Be mindful to not stick your rear out and ensure it is under your trunk and if anything pushed a touch forward.

If a golfer has an open foot stance it can be difficult to square the shoulders and hips. We look for a square position but in actual fact it is easiest if the stance is closed. As an aside this is why a golfer can hook a shot far easier from a closed stance, as opposed to an open one. As the body is square to the ball or facing slightly to the right the club comes farther from the inside.

So finally, remember these checkpoints and drills to ensure you don’t have an incorrect alignment. Golf is hard enough as it is without handicapping yourself before you have even started your back swing.

Club Alignment

Place a tour stick directly behind the ball, pointing to the target. As you work your takeaway over the top of the tour stick, you will know that your club is aligned to the target.

Feet Alignment

Next, lay a parallel tour stick in front of your feet. This will serve as a guide to make sure your feet line up to the target as well.

Shoulder Alignment

Finally, place a third tour stick on the ground to keep shoulders squared to the target.

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