Keeping Your Head Down


Keeping Your Head Down

When speaking of body mechanics in relation to Golf Putting the issue of head movement must be addressed. If you only have time to work on one aspect of your golf putting during your next golf practice session, work on this one! Keeping your head motionless keeps your shoulders in line which in turn results in a straighter and truer putt. If your eyes are tempted to follow the golf ball to the cup, practice the “dime drill”. Place your golf ball on a dime. Envision the dime underneath the ball and focus on it. Take your shot, but maintain your focus on the dime as the ball rolls to its final resting place.

1. Stroke with your shoulders.

Because these putts require only a short stroke, there’s a temptation to just pop them with your hands and arms. Don’t let that happen. Be disciplined, and control the motion by rocking your shoulders. You’ll be much more consistent.

2. Focus on a square face.

Direction is everything on putts from four feet and in. The ball will go wherever the face is pointing at impact, so make sure you start with it square. In fact, square the face before you take your stance. On longer strokes the face rotates open and closed, but on short ones it should point at the hole from start to finish.

3. Keep your head still, eyes down. >

Peeking is a major fault on short putts; I’ve struggled with it myself. If your eyes move, your head moves, and so does your upper body, throwing the stroke off line. Here’s a drill to train your eyes: Place a dime four feet from a hole, put the ball on top of the dime, and stroke the putt, making sure you see the dime after impact.

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