Create Tour Player Width


Create Tour Player Width

So how do we exactly create a tour player’s width?

Often, you’ll just want to extend your arms right in front of you with the club raised in front then create a circle with your left and right arms. Traditionally, most players are taught to support their right arm as straight as they could and keep their arms relatively relaxed.

This can get you to more trouble. When creating this stance, you can damage your arm more than you realize.

I advise keeping your right arm relatively relaxed. The extension of your right arm should provide support to the top. With a relaxed position and a soft support from your left arm allows your left arm to provide solid support for your right arm.

This is how you achieve a tour player’s width between their club and their body and you’re one step away from creating great contact with the ball.

A number of factors that can determine the right width setup exist. Shoulders wouldn’t do much difference. While you might feel comfortable with the earlier setup, you might find that the comfort zone of your swing might be a little or significantly different with what your friends or co-golfers might have.

For example, everybody’s shoulder and width hip is unique. This might introduce two cases. One friend of yours might find difficulty relaxing their left and right arms. Some might find that relaxing their arms also relaxes their stance. And so on.

A common problem for most player width and stance practices is that the downswing can happen so fast before you can correct your hip position back to normal to achieve a better golf swing. I suggest this to be one of the focus of your practice aside from the practice width drill. I know it will help a lot!

Good luck!

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