Ideal Tee Height For Hitting More Fairways



For this example, the tee is barely in the ground. The majority of the golf ball is above the driver from this height. To make contact, you would have to catch the ball more on the upswing. This tee height will give you the least amount of control over your ball flight.


For this example, the ball rests about halfway above the clubface. You will have a little more control over your ball flight from this position. However, you still don’t have the most amount of control over your mishits.


The ideal situation is for the ball to rest just barely above the clubface. This allows you to have your mishits on the bottom part of the center line. You will have less spin, but you will be able to hit more fairways.

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  1. steve odell

    Shawn,I think you are making a point on more accuracy with this tip. But if is distance we are trying to achieve, I thought we needed to tee it a bit higher and hit it on eh upswing. Also I heard that the sweet spot was higher on the face of the big headed drivers. You thoughts?

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