How to Stabilize Your Setup


How to Stabilize Your Setup?

Stabilize your center and equilibrium for a better golf swing

At Address, Tuck In
When you take your setup, you want to feel like your rear end is tucked underneath your body.
Sequences Backswing
This setup gives you the ability to stabilize your center and sequence your backswing.
You DO NOT want too straight of a back with your rear end sticking out too much. This makes your body shift on your backswing.

You need to take practice swings above the ground to round out the swing. Use these three steps. 1. Practice swing 15 inches above the ground. 2. Repeat at 10 inches above the ground 3. Repeat at 5 inches above the ground. Then hit 2 balls off a tee and repeat the process until you begin to hit the ball 100% of the time. Then lower the ball closer to the ground. You want to think baseball swings above the gound. This will take care of your top shots.

A word from one of our members about this drill –

Shawn, Thanks for the tip. I put the recommendation into practice last weekend and was really supprised how comfortable and relaxed my lower back was during the swing process. I felt like I was making a better turn and maintained a very stable lower body throughout the swing. And most of all, I was able to make solid and consistent contact at impact and finish my follow through in complete balance. My ball flight was much more consistent. As a new EGA member, I am in my second month of your twelve month training program. I am learning to be much more consistent with my golf swing. My length has also increased with the training.
Sincerely, Joseph

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