1. Eddie Joe

    I play with a man who irritates me every time we play, I always shoot higher than when I play by myself. got any tips for eliminating the distractions on a course and playing in the calm of your own world?

    Thanks for your tips in video. The help you have offered has brought my playing into a livable, enjoyable pleasure.

  2. Gregorio

    Dear Eddie Joe,

    Since no one else has replied to you, here is my tip. Humm to yourself. That’s right. As you take your pre shot routine from behind the ball just make a low pitched humm to yourself and let yourself relax into your humm. Breath in through your nose and out softly from your mouth. Let your body relax. Think of keeping your wrists and forearms lose. Try to get a feel for the dance you’re about
    to do. Temp. Maybe even humm a waltz. It’ll work because it gets you thinking about yourself instead of anyone else! Good luck.

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