Managing Distractions on Golf Course


Managing Distractions on Golf Course

In any golf game you’re going to get rowdy with people, friends or not. For example, if you’re in a semi-pro game, people will boo or cheer you on depending on your performance. In a golf game with friends, there will be talking and fun, but these can cost you your game if you’re not careful enough.

If you’re working on your performance, it had better be that you’re mentally prepared for your game. If you’re not mentally prepared for where you’re headed with your game, chances are you’ll quickly lose because you can quickly get distracted.

So here are two ways for you to manage your control.

You’re In Charge Of Hitting the Shot

Like everything else, there’s no need to be frustrated if you can control the situation. Is the crowd too noisy? There’s no rule that restricts the use of earplugs. If your friend is pestering you about the shot length or the angle he could use for another hole, tell him to wait while you make your shot and you could measure it for him.

Distractions rush you into doing things that are clearly detrimental to your performance as an improving golfer. However, you can always ask people to contribute to helping you concentrate.

The same isn’t true with some other distractions, though.

Learn How To Filter

There will be things beyond your control. For example, a loudly-talking crowd down from your game with your buddies will and can always be present. The best thing you can do? Focus and divert your attention into the things you want to achieve. Always look forward and see for yourself how the end would be when you make your shot.

Talk to yourself, it can also help. But don’t talk to yourself to a point you expect yourself to do huge things. It isn’t easy to do things. Visualizing is a powerful tool to help you concentrate, but it will not always guarantee results.

The best solution is still to practice amid huge distractions. Good luck and keep at it!

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