Ball Below Feet


Ball Below Feet

It’s a common occurrence to be honest; the ball lands somewhere the ball is below your feet. It’s a bit deep to dip inside, but you know you can manage the shot somehow. The problem is, this position introduces highly-likely curves that are unpredictable. To avoid getting your shots all over the place, you need to understand the nature of the ball’s movement affected by your posture and swing.

For the situation in this video, I’m holding a special club that shows me where my ball would head after my swing. It’s pointing to the right. So my ball will head to the right.

Looking at my position, my knees have a tilt from the upper body. I won’t be able to swing fast enough from the slide. I may also fall forward after the swing. Now this is natural for ball below feet swings.

Looking at my swing, my club gets vertical and the face is opening, cementing the fact that the ball will travel right.

After this swing, you can see my ball go to the right as we predicted. Look for the signs where your ball is headed when it’s below your feet and you can have a chance to predict the direction the ball will travel, enabling you to get a chance to par. Good luck!

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