How To Approach Shots Closer To The Green


How To Approach Shots Closer To The Green


Okay, let’s focus on a bit of course strategy.

Let’s imagine this situation.

I have a six iron here and I’m coming from 180 yards. The six iron, being as long as it is, allows me to shift my weight 50/50 to make a good swing.

Now, I’m coming from 150 yards. I’m going to take out my 7-iron.

You see what’s happening here.

The closer I get to the green, the shorter the clubs.

But that’s not all. The shorter the clubs, the more you get close to the green, the more your weight needs to shift towards the green.

Why so?

Leaning closer to the green, about 65%, with shorter clubs and relative to your distance  from the green, you can create a powerful descending blow that delivers the ball to that desired direction.

As you get closer to the green, the better chances you have at making par when you get the powerful and sufficient swings you need during the first half of the hole.

In this demonstration, you can see how it works as I shift to a 9-iron and I’m heading closer to the green, I’m leaning further into the green, about 65-70% of my weight. This helps me create enough power to guarantee my swing’s efficiency.

Analyze your goal and always make sure to lean closer to the green as you approach your goal.

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