Never Miss a Chip Shot Again

Having trouble with solid contact?  Try this drill and you will definitely understand the chipping angles for solid contact.


The chipping motion is a downward or decending movement into the ball.
The best way to FEEL this movement?  Chip from down-hill Lie
correct chip shot setup
The down-hill chip  forces you to set your body on the correct angles.  The entire body is on the angle of the ground. Your hips, knees, and shoulders all are angled on the lay of the land (see above).
incorrect chip setup

(Incorrect) Notice how the hips-knees-shoulders are NOT on the lay of the land. This results in a hitting TOO far behind the ball.  Ultimately not allowing you to create the descending angle into the back of the ball.

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  1. John C

    I find with downhill chips If I focus on a dimple or mark on the front of the ball I connect perfectly just about every time with no chunking or topping.

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