How to Pick which Wedge to Use

Trying to figure out which golf club to pick on that chip shot?

  • Do you know the ball trajectory with each club?
  • Do you chip with the same club every time (I hope not)?
  • Don’t feel comfortable with bump-and-run shots?

Picking Which Club To Use:
chip shotsYou know to use a more lofted club if you want to hit a chip shot that carries more in the air, and a lower-lofted club to get the ball rolling earlier, but the key to being a good chipper is to know which trajectory will give you the proper amount of carry and roll to reach the hole for a given situation.

Here’s an easy way to figure out the trajectory of a chip with any club. Lay the club along the ground with the clubface up and the shaft pointing toward your target. Now step down on the clubface until the back of the club is flat against the ground. The angle that the shaft rises to is the trajectory of the shots you’ll produce with that club.

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