The Putting Bar may be The Answer

The Putting Bar may be The Answer

Because putting represents over 43% of your strokes on the golf course, the easiest way to make dramatic improvement to your overall score is by improving your putting.

Did you know that 90% of all golfers aren’t able to keep the ball on line for the first 36 inches? Chances are you are off line and don’t even realize it!

That’s why I’m excited to announce my training product, The Putting Bar.

The Putting Bar is the answer to:

-Square the putter face,
-Create a centered hit on the putter,
-Eliminate your putting path issues,
-And most importantly SINK MORE PUTTS… knocking strokes off your game immediately!

With just 30 minutes on the Putting Bar, you will automatically nail 40% more putts.

It’s simple; it’s easy. With just a few minutes a week working on the putting bar, you will start to putt like a champion.

News to Use:

Putting Stats

In sport we are bombarded with statistics. Golf has taken its lead from baseball where statistical innovations became a feature of the game in the 1970s.

On the PGA Tour the three recognizable Skill Stats for Putting are:

Putts Per Round
Putts Per Greens in Regulation
Strokes Gained – Putting

Pro Stats

How does following the Putting Stats for a golf tournament and comparing your ability to Tour Players help you to improve your putting? The answer is not a lot.

Your Putts Per Round will be largely irrelevant as it depends on too many variables. Factors such as the number of greens you hit, the length of your first putt, the difficulty of the green and the quality of the putting surface.

Your Putts Per Greens in Regulation will not provide enough detail. In 2008 Golf Digest calculated from thousands of rounds by amateur golfers a comparative table. Results showed that a 10-handicapper can expect to hit seven greens and a 20-handicapper only four greens.

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