PreShot Routine Putting


Preshot Routine Putting

Golf seems an easy game for those unfamiliar with the sport. Any player would tell you otherwise. Golf is about skill, precision and determination. But aside from knowing the technical aspects of golf, one should know the mind suffers from intense pressure. Today’s mindside focuses on, you guessed it, your golf-playing mind.

Use The Right Type Of Golf Club

As with any game, always use the right golf club. If you’re putting, use the putter. Go for an iron if it’s a bit far. You already know these things about clubs. To ease your mind better, always select the right club.

Relax Yourself and Breathe

Before performing your swing, make sure to relax yourself and breathe deeply for at least four to five times before you take your shot. Deep breathing eases your body’s tensions. As your heart beats faster so does your breathing. Slowing your breathing tells your heart to calm down. It allows the brain to ease function as well.

Don’t Think Of Technicalities Today

Here at Begin Better Golf, we’ve been teaching you lots of swing hacks to avoid slices and get out of trouble spots. Unfortunately, all these technical information, while useful during practice, are often remembered and noted when you’re already in your game with friends or a local competition, perhaps.

When you think of technicalities, you disrupt your mind’s focus in making a line where your ball should travel.

If you practiced your technical skills off-game, your body remembers the position of your swing and how to achieve it. Don’t think of technicalities today; it will help you create the perfect shot.

Hole Up From Behind The Ball

To see the travel line of your ball when you make your swing, stand up from behind it and align your belt buckle towards your golf ball. From here, you can see the travel line of your ball when you make a certain swing. Allow your body to create your swing angle and body position automatically.

Trust us, you’ll be surprised as well as we were.

Track The Line You Want To See

As you come back to your ball, the track line you memorized from behind the ball should prove helpful when you re-create your practice position earlier. Now, make the shot and you would definitely get that last hole!

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