What Makes a Full Warm-Up?


When I was young I was a great pitcher. I played many different positions in the field. I trained hard and did what I was advised. Coach often told me to warm-up properly. That, he meant I should have my heart running first, then keep my muscles warmed up and aligned for proper pitches and catches and not really mind at all whether my passes are good, not just yet.

So I did. Now, I’m playing golf and I’m training in the mental side of golf.

Warm-ups are a vital part of mental stimulation for athleticism as well. Here are a few things you need to do.


Once you get on the range there’s no time to go jogging or get your heart racing. Instead, do some squats and get your legs moving. Do some swings; don’t mind if the balls never head towards where you itnend it to be. The most important thing is that your your arms, torso and legs are loose.

I’ve seen tons of players do a warm-up but focus on their accuracy and precision instead of concentrating on “loosening” their body. These fellahs are stiff as a stick during their swings, leading to extremely bad form.


As you concentrate on your swings, don’t forget to take your tour sticks with you. Concentrate on two things that believe you’re currently weak at as you play golf. You could focus on your alignment, ball position, hooks, slices etc.

You could contact Shawn Humphries and ask him about areas you believe you’re weak at. If you’ve trained under him, he would know where you’re weak at and you could focus on training that immediately.

But train your muscle memory and not your accuracy. It is important that your body memorizes the form your body takes when you do your swing.


Now, you’re about to hit shots with your pre-shot commitment. But do this changing different irons. Again, don’t focus much on your accuracy just yet. Get a feel for each of your clubs.

Understand their weight, their possible use for your swing and different situations.

Once you’re ready for accuracy practice, always visualize a target where you want your ball to hit. Always commit to your pre-shot commitment: announce where you want the ball to go so your mind can visualize where it lands and trust your swing and yourself.

Control and improve your warm-up and you definitely improve your chances of success in your upcoming game.

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