The Difference Between Spark and Swing Thoughts


Let’s talk about entrepreneurs.

This isn’t golf-related true. But some of the world’s best entrepreneurs started with one thing: a spark.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates thought of a computer system that everyone can use. His ideas used object-based items and icons that would make using computers easier without having to know a word or line of code to access files and other information.

He didn’t think about the time and money he would spend for it. It was his passion; the world using computers.

Let’s get back to golf.

Some players say when their game is going great they have a clearer mindset.

Some would also say they’re not sure what made their good golf round great.

Players would describe it to me as if they told themselves this is the right stance and “hope for the best” somewhat for their shot.

Indeed, possibly they’re on the right mindset. Most golfers tend to believe the “swing thought” allows them to bypass their limitations.

Let me explain.

Swing thoughts are related to how you are going to make your shot. Your mind checks if you are capable of making a shot. From here, you’ve created doubts.

When you chew food, you don’t think that your tongue can be bitten. When you ride a bike, you know the right body position so you would accelerate and not fall.

Spark thoughts focus on your objective. You want to ride a bike and move? Position yourself the way you found it move effectively for you.

You want to make a good golf swing? Turn your shoulders a bit here and commit that your shot would do very well.

Always remind yourself of what you need to do. You won’t need to check if you’re capable of doing it. You are capable. Everyone is capable. It’s all in your mindset.

Like Bill Gates, focus on your objective. Check everything that is needed in the preliminary and when you swing, trust that it would land where you wanted it to be.


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