Positive Body Language


Positive Body Language

I encourage you to watch the first 10 seconds of the video before reading this.

I’ve introduced myself… but the fashion is somewhat lacking.

I know it doesn’t work that way, doesn’t it?

As your golf mental game coach, I’ll give you something to think about. Or rather, act about.

When you’re out in the golf course, you will always get those frustrating shots. You yourself can see how you’re acting up on frustrations.

This is normal. But if your next delivery feels like it’s hopeless, it definitely is.

Not unless your body has something to say about it.

You wouldn’t listen to someone without conviction. I understand that.

But you would probably listen to someone who is confident enough in his abilities.

Confident. Not overconfident or underconfident.

I want you to be someone who walks out on the golf course like you mean to win. I want you to allow your body to help your mind absorb the idea that you can do it, that you have the skills to win and you have what it takes to turn your game around if you’re having a bad game.

Golf is all about de-stressing with life by hitting balls upward and eventually earning scores out of it. If you’re feeling frustrated, you’re probably just competitive and not really into the whole philosophy of golf.

Positive body language from yourself shows how you feel while you’re outside the golf course.

It shows you that you yourself have the confidence and capability to win. You just need to believe in yourself and believe that your shots will land in the inside!

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