Managing Swing Changes


Swing changes. You want to try out a new technique in the golf course that would allow you the best possible solution to your current golf situation.

Now, I do understand it can be difficult and even exasperatingly frustrating for many players taught to speed up the process while playing golf or taking their shots. You might even say it’s a bit unfair considering that you need to take two things together to make your shot work.

And as with all mental games out there, you do understand when you try to multitask, it would often end in failure. The mind is too quick to understand things theoretically while the body could not follow the ideal golf situation of the mind most of the time.

It would be during the time of your preparation – that moment before you step inside the six feet radius of your tee position – that you would practice the process.

As I would say, dance with the girl you brought to the dance.

So, before you make your shot, the following steps will help alleviate difficulties in managing swing changes:

-Focus on two technical things. It could be another shoulder technique combined with another type of finish to get you to the next level. But not more than two to allow your body to replicate the swing with enough concentration and speed.

-Now, once you feel you’re on the right path, square up your buckle and step into the six feet radius. Do not think of any details of your swing at this point. It’s time to trust your swing and commit yourself to your swing.

The feeling is similar to standing before a diving board and trusting that your body understands what it needs to do. With enough practice from your mental game, you could execute your new swing perfectly on the fly.

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